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Carefully curated. Lovingly made. Exquisite detailing that will leave you breathless.

no detail is too small

finally, flowers you can't kill

That's RIGHT! You heard me! No matter how hard you "try" (let's be real; sometimes the trying isn't so much "trying" as it is "forgetting", but let's not get caught up in the details here), you won't be able to wilt these beauties. Year round blooms that are perfect for that spot in your office with no light, or as a gift for that friend who just can't seem to keep a plant alive. 


Not only are felt flowers beautiful, but they are maintenance free, adding a fuss-free, unique accent to any space. Felt florals are incredibly versatile; perfect for vertical gardens, wreaths, small centrepieces, accent arrangements, nursery decor, and much, much more! The possibilities are endless.

Perfection is our standard. When you choose Bear & Barbaloot for your custom floral arrangement, you are getting full access to our creativity and vision, along with dedicated attention in order to bring your vision to reality. We believe in clear communication throughout the design process, ensuring you are completely happy with the final product. In fact, we want you to be BLOWN AWAY by the final product. Most customers say the product surpassed all expectations, and we live for that feeling!

Felt flowers are perfect for shipping, do not wilt, are easily re-formed if squished by a curious toddler or pet, and perfect for getting those off-season flowers you can't get from a florist.  

Drop me a line, and I'd love to work with you to make your vision a reality!

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