Our most requested tutorial is finally here! Charm Peonies, and Snapdragons, a truly stunning combination. With their short blooming seasons, these flowers make for an ideal felt replication. No deadheading, watering, or fuss required for a beautiful bouquet available all year round. 


The Charm Peony is nature's pride with it's showy, fluffy petals, and large bowl shape make it a total show-stopper in any bouquet. This flower often comes in soft, romantic shades, but also grow in bright corals, purples and reds. It's lush green foliage is also an exquisite filler for mixed bouquets.


The Snapdragon, a gardener's classic favorite, is a stately flower named for it's resemblance to the face of a dragon that opens and closes it's mouth when laterally squeezed. Available in nature in beautiful, bold colors, this bouquet showcases a gorgeous milky white version, but you can let your imagination go wild! The tall, intricate, and bright Snapdragons are sure to blow anyone away. They'll hardly believe it's made of felt!  


In this tutorial, you'll get a downloadable file and printable templates that include clear, step-by-step instructions on how to create an absolutely gorgeous bouquet that we promise will stun any recipient. This tutorial is considered one of our "expert" level tutorials due to the intricacies of the Snapdragon blooms. Despite that, since the file is jam-packed full of pictures and tips for every step of the way, as well as clear material lists, we firmly believe that a novice crafter can complete it.

~~Supplies you need for the Peonies~~

Benzie Design felt in Linen, Peony, Peach, and Meadow

Pan Pastels in Titanium White and Peony

Fine tip scissors

Precision tip glue gun, and glue

18 g stem wire 

Wired Vine

Wire cutters

Aleene's stiffen Quik Stiffening Spray, or Pebeo Spray Fixative for Pastels


~~Supplies you need for the Snapdragon~~

Benzie Design felt in Ecru, White, Moss & Fern

Pan Pastel in Cypress

Fine tip scissors

Precision tip glue gun, and glue

18 g paper wrapped floral stem wire

Wire cutters

Aleene's Stiffen Quik Stiffening Spray, or Pebeo Spray Fixative for Pastels

Make Your Own Charm Peony/Snapdragon Download/Printable PDF Tutorial