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Carefully curated. Lovingly made. Exquisite detailing that will leave you breathless.

No detail is too small (wed)

No detail is too small...

We want every single part of your vision to come to reality. Perfection is our standard. 

When you choose Bear & Barbaloot for your wedding, you are getting full access to our creativity and vision, along with diligent attention. 

Choosing felt flowers for your wedding is a stunning, unique, and practical option to make your day extra special. Felt flowers are perfect for shipping, do not wilt, are easily re-formed if squished in an exuberant wedding day hug, and perfect for getting those off-season flowers you can't get from a florist. They make a beautiful gift for your bridesmaids/loved ones, and are an everlasting heirloom keepsake of the most important day of your life.

From our very first encounter until the day of your wedding, we will work closely with you to ensure you are comfortable, confident, and inspired each and every step of the way. We pride ourselves in having clear communication throughout the whole process. The only surprise our clients say they've experienced is how much their bouquets surpass their expectations! We live for the WOW factor! We want you to be blown away by the product you receive.

Skype/FaceTime meetings are available as an option for those ordering from a distance, and each order includes a complimentary session by video chat once you receive your flowers, to ensure that they look absolutely perfect after shipping.

Drop me a line, and I'd love to work with you to make your vision a reality!

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